Diego Cruz, @dieggnog

Who is Diego? I could give you his background, where he was born, what he majored in, what sort of work he does, etc., but that's just what he's been up to.

Diego's a guy who likes asking questions, mostly in his head, but also to anyone else he thinks might have a good answer. It's not information he cares about so much as understanding. Diego can spend his time reading about many different things, but mostly he prefers to read a lot about one thing at a time, obsessively.

To look at an idea or a concept, from as many angles as he can, is what he loves to do. That's why you're reading his words right now, oddly written in the third person.

Science is the ultimate obsession, a love affair with knowledge, insatiable. Diego's here because he wants to learn and know more, and because he knows he's not the only one who feels that way.

So let's see what's out there. Let's read more and think, to find new ways of understanding, well, everything.